Teaching & Supervision


I am currently the module leader for the below Undergraduate modules:

  • Digital Media Production (COMP1597) (Year 2, 30 Credits UK)
  • User Interface Design (COMP1650) (Year 3, 15 Credits UK)

I also currently contribute to the following modules on our Undergraduate programmes:

  • Human-Computer Interaction and Design (COMP1649) (Year 3, 15 Credits UK)
  • Project (CIS) (COMP1682) (Year 3, 60 Credits UK)

In the past, I taught on the following modules:

  • Digital Media Design (COMP1595) (Year 1, 30 Credits UK)
  • Computer Programming (COMP1148) (Year 1, 30 Credits UK)
  • System Development (COMP1713) (Year 1, 15 Credits UK)
  • Scholarly and Academic Practice (COMP1715) (Year 1, 15 Credits UK)
  • Interaction and Usability (Undergraduate course; Year 2)
  • Computer Systems (Undergraduate course; Year 1)
  • User Experience Design (Masters course; Course leader)

PhD Supervision

I currently co-supervise 3 PhD students working in the following areas:

  • Cyber security of Virtual Reality environments
  • Multi modal mixed reality training systems
  • Thematic Analysis in Human Computer Interaction